I'm James Horey and my mission is to help businesses develop data science products. I'm currently implementing this mission at Cirruspath as the VP of Data Analytics. My role is to help grow and lead the data science team, and help formulate what products we want to create. For Cirruspath this largely means analyzing communications (email, voice) and sales data (CRM) to figure out how to improve inside sales performance.

In a previous life I was a researcher at Oak Ridge National Lab. I spent my time programming really large computers, and analyzing Medicare & Medicaid datasets. I had the privilege of working with some fantastic people, many of whom have their own startup now.

Cool Stuff

If you're a big data enthusiast, check out Ferry , an open-source tool I developed that leverages Docker to easily launch Hadoop, Spark, and Cassandra clusters on your local machine.

I also co-organize the Data Science Knoxville meetup. Come join us and learn about exciting things the data science community is up to!


If you're interested in chatting with me or perhaps interested in getting help for your next big data project, drop me a line.